Sneaker Prom/ Shoe Shine/ NW Sneaker Expo

so I had a pretty good week sneaker-wise. I was invited down to Denver, CO for the 2nd annual Sneaker Prom, and the 5th Shoe Shine! This was my 1st Sneaker Prom, and my 2nd Shoe Shine.

I had battery issues with my camera the 1st night I was in town so I didn’t get to take any pics, but downtown Denver is a very nice place. Once I got my camera situation straightened out, it was time for Sneaker Prom. its a cool event that has party go-ers dress up in prom dresses, tuxedos, and suits, but instead of hard bottoms, you break out your illest sneakers! I kept it simple and rocked an all black suit with a copper tie, and the copper foamposite 1′s. I was gonna rock the fitted, but decided to let the waves get some shine lol. (click pics to enlarge)

I don’t go out a ton, but I must say the venue itself was pretty dope. When we pulled up, one of the main sponsors of the events had a custom painted Mini out front.  It was painted like a Nike shoe, complete with actual laces!

The party was great. I was there solo so I played the cut for the most part, but the vibe felt good. You could tell everybody was having fun. So I came through with my guy Ra, in the all canary yellow tux. When I say all yellow, I mean ALL yellow…yellow everything! He put Gucci Mane to shame lol

I assumed that was gonna be the most outrageous outfit of the night. I was wrong. As I talked to one of the hostesses, out of the corner of my eye, I saw what appeared to be…nah it couldn’t be……….yes, it was. A dude came through dressed like King Joffy Joffer, from Coming To America! Complete with the ill lion wrap! My dude came off the street and was gettin it in! I liked that he was down to have fun with it all.

Overall it was a good event.

Afterward, Ra took me to another lil night spot and I saw how Denver really got down. I was a lil overdressed to be in an “urban” night club(did I really just call it an “urban” night club? lol) but I enjoyed myself. The highlight of the night may have been the “after the club, rib eye steak sammiches”! I usually rock with “after the club hot dogs”, but these steak sammiches shut that down! I cant eat another hot dog after a club.

Saturday was the day of the main event. We hit the venue to do a lil prep work then went to go watch Ra’s sons b-ball game. We were there to watch his son, but yo…..there was some kid on his team that was NICE! A lil 7 year old with handle, tip passes, and floaters for days! I’m confident in saying the kid had a triple double easy! I regret not getting his name or capturing some BB video, cause I KNOW in about 10-12 years, we’re gonna hear about some kid outta Denver that is shuttin the league down.

Anyway, we ran a few other errands, got some grub, then hit the spot to set up.

The Mini-Nike was out front again(I love this car), and seeing it just got me amped up for what was about to go down.

Once I got set up, I got to mingle and see some of the other cool stuff that was on display. One guy(I forget his name) had 3D sneakers! I was excited and pissed all at once. Pissed cause I’m working on a 3D shoe myself, but amped cause I love the idea, and it was cool to see that it actually worked, although my shoes will be the ol’school red/cyan type 3D…..but I digress. I tried to get a pic of it, but the cam didn’t pick it up

I’ve done a couple snowboard boots for the fellas down in CO, and they had some of them on display. My 1st pair of Boba Fett boots weren’t there, but my second pair based on a satellite was. They got crushed by some of the other ill boots. If I ever get another chance, I’m goin ALL OUT!

There was an array of cool photography throughout the venue. The Signtologist had some sick pieces up too. He uses street signs like STOP or YIELD signs as the canvas for his art, and it always looks super dope with flash photography.

A number of local artists were commissioned to customize Nike Royal Mids as well as basketball backboards. They did not disappoint.

I went to step out on what I thought was the balcony, only to realize that it lead out to what I’d call a mini-amphitheater. There were photos, custom skateboard decks, and clothing vendors lining the walls. They even had a local barber there giving out fresh cuts. I coulda used one, but I was too busy having fun.

Most of the backboards were dope, but a few of the artists went above and beyond.

one was a Dilla backboard complete with working speakers built in and done over a broken vinyl record texture

another was a Last Dragon-Sho Nuff themed backboard. That was cool enough, but the topper was that the backboard lit up! The master indeed! (peep the end of the video)

I think my favorite backboard was made by the guy that had my favorite pair of Royals. I forget his name, but something about his style really did it for me.

I was on the judging panel for the best custom shoes, which was an honor. I was in the minority though, as the 3D pair won.

This particular pair went under my radar. I originally thought it was just black artwork on a white shoe. But it was later explained to me that the artist hand engraved the artwork! I’m mad that my camera couldn’t pick up the detail, but trust me, its pretty fresh.

Overall I had a GREAT time! I met a bunch of really cool people that made me feel right at home. I’ve got a pocket full of business cards and emails that I still need to get to.

Its a really good feeling to get to have people see your work in person and get to explain it to them and see that light come on. You can only get so much from a picture or video on the web. That hands on, in person response is what really does it. I’ve never seen people react to shoes the way I saw people react to the Iron Man dunks or the “Ehlo” IV’s.

Shoe Shine 2010 (click link to see video)

I wanna thank all the organizers, especially Ra and Musa for bringing me down and treating me like royalty.

so while I was at the airport waiting to go home, I was on Facebook and found out about an event called the NW Sneaker Expo. I shot off a couple emails and was able to be included int he festivities. I ended up just bringing the bag of shoes i had in Denver with me. I assumed it was gonna be a simple event that allowed me to set up my shoes to have people check them out along with a slew of local vendors and sneaker heads. As it turned out, the sneaker displays were actually a sneaker battle. I wasn’t ready for this lol. We had to pick our 5 best shoes and have them go head to head against another sneaker head. In the end I won, but I kinda feel like it was unfair since I had 1 of 1′s that light up and had LED screens and the like. Don’t get me wrong, I took the “W” and the prize money lol, but I personally feel one of the other competitors had a better set of shoes. He had a Seattle/206 theme with some of my favorite Paytons, the SC AM 95′s (#206 no less!), the Kendal Gill Seattle X’s, OG Griffey’s, and Tiffany dunks, which he felt fit since we are the Emerald City lol. Works for me

after that was done, there was a freestyle battle that I HAVE to get video posted up for. Words do it no justice lol!

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